Top 8 Blogging Tips For New Bloggers

The beauty of blogging is blogging is so easy and everyone can become a blogger and can start their blogging journey. But as a new blogger, they need some blogging tips so they ‘ll become a professional blogger.

In this post, I am going to tell you some blogging tips for your blogging journey. This ‘ll help you stay on track and help you on your blog.

Set Your Blog Target:

Many newbies don’t think about target and goals and launch their blog. Well if you don’t know which goals or which target you want to achieve how you can survive.

Set your targets that what you want to achieve with this blog and how you can so you ‘ll not waste your energy and time on this blog.

Without goals, you are just playing with your blog and trying hard and wasting your energy on that blog.

I love to set targets like for example

  1. In this month I am going to write 10 blogs post.
  2. This month I am going to try to increase my blog traffic in various ways.
  3. In this month I am going to improve my site rankings with SEO.
  4. And in this year I have to make my blog to earn 100$/month for me.

Easy Nah yeah targets and goals motivate you and help you to work hard.

Be Unique Creative And Productive: (Don’t Be A Copy Cat)

Don’t be like others or do not choose an exact same niche for the blog in which other is working. This is one of big mistake new bloggers doing. They don’t know anything and choose that particular niche for their blog and think that they ‘ll start earning huge money.

Well, let me tell you big and more pro bloggers than you already working on that niche so how you are going to beat.

Try to introduce something new to the market to be unique and productive.

People love new things to learn and read so just follow your passion in which you are an expert.

Connect With Others Through Social: (Never underestimate the importance of networking)

Social media like giant Facebook are one of the best places to connect with other bloggers. There are many groups related to blogging where you can ask your questions and other experts answer and help you in this.

Even you can make them your friends and you can personally chat with them and share your ideas and problems with them.

We also have a group called Blogger Funda where you can connect with 31k+ members and you can share your views and also we ‘ll give premium themes and plugins for free if we have.

Good Luck

Focus On Blog Quality, not Money: (Think About Readers)

Let me tell you quality is everything. If you are not making your blog a quality one and only focusing to make money Online then you are going to end with failure.

How To make your Blog A Quality:

  1. Make your home page clean.
  2. Don’t use too many ads visitors like me not like and leave immediately from that type of blogs. How we can read if you are making your site full of nasty ads.
  3.  Write high-quality content or article for your blog. You can read this guide on how you can write High-Quality Content For Your Blog.

Invest In Your Blog:

Invest in your blog this is one of the best and important tip for you in my blogging tips post. Select a budget for your blog and invest that budget accordingly.

Ways To Invest On Your Blog: 

  1. Hire developers and build a custom and unique theme for your blog.
  2. If you like you can buy a professional theme for your blog. Studiopress is one of the best marketplaces to buy WordPress themes and plugins.
  3. Hire a logo designer to design a highly professional logo for your blog. You can use Fiver and in just 5$ you can hire a logo designer.

Write Posts in 1000+ words:

You have to write posts minimum in 1000+ words because those days are now gone where you write 300 or 500 words posts and your rank ll start increasing.

People are now writing 5000 to 9000+ words posts and google give more priority to them besides only 500 words posts.

So grab a cup of tea or coffee and start writing.

Here Are The Topics You Can Choose:

  1. Write Case studies. Readers love to read and follow case studies.
  2. Write In-depth Guides.

Write Good And Catchy HeadLines:

Without a good and catchy headline, you cannot attract readers from search engines. Using good and beautiful head line help your blog post to attract readers to click your posts from search engines like google.

In this way, your CTR (Click Through Rate) and your organic traffic from Google increased.

You can use Seopressor Blog Title Generator to generate good and catchy headlines and titles for your blog post.

Don’t Give Up (Patience Is everything)

Let me tell you blogging is not an easy way you have to work hard to make your blog awesome and cool.

Everyone wants to earn something from the there blog but they have to learn that they have to work hard to earn something. Nothing is easy it is a myth that making money online is one of the east ways.

So don’t give up and stay patient.

Final Words:

I hope new and newbie bloggers like my blogging tips for their blogging journey.

If you like this post please share and if you know any blogging tips for new bloggers then you can comment and let me know I love to read and learn new things.

See Yah


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