Beware of Valentine’s Day Scams on Dating Apps. Protect Yourself from Deception and False Promises

Valentine’s Day week has begun, and if you’re seeking a compatible partner, exercising caution is paramount, particularly when using online dating apps. Unfortunately, many scams are prevalent on such platforms, leading to financial losses for unsuspecting individuals.

According to research conducted by MSI-ACI, perpetrators are employing AI tools to deceive users. These tools facilitate various deceptive activities, including automated conversations and profile creation, making it imperative for users to remain vigilant. Users may unknowingly interact with AI-generated profiles, mistakenly believing they are engaging with genuine individuals.

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Furthermore, these fraudulent activities tend to escalate during Valentine’s Day, posing significant risks to individuals seeking romantic connections on dating and social media platforms. Instances of financial extortion under the guise of romance are on the rise, with spam emails increasing by nearly 400% and malware by 25%.

Additional research highlights the use of generative AI to impersonate individuals, often presenting as female counterparts during interactions. Many users remain unaware of conversing with AI entities, underscoring the need for heightened awareness.

It’s essential to note that prior research has indicated a lack of awareness regarding AI technology among Indian users.

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