Beware! 12 Mobile Apps Spying with India-Pak Connection: Stay Alert!

There is a significant honey trap operation targeting mobile users, facilitated through mobile phones. Users are enticed with romantic and sexual content, leading them to download Trojan apps. These apps contain malicious code, allowing for the surveillance of mobile phone users.

Regarding the India-Pakistan connection

12 Android apps that are specifically aimed at users in India and Pakistan have been identified. These apps were available on both Google Play Store and third-party stores but have since been removed by Google. If any of these apps are present on your mobile phone, it is recommended that they be deleted immediately.

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These Apps are Designed to Steal Files and Photos

Security researchers at ESET recently discovered these spying Android apps. Despite masquerading as news and messaging tools, they are equipped with spying capabilities, granting access to the user’s contacts, files, call logs, and messages. Some of these apps are even capable of tracking messages from popular platforms like WhatsApp and Signal, as well as recording phone calls and capturing photos and videos through the device’s camera.

List of Apps

Apps available on Google Play StoreApps with Malicious code
Hello Chat
Chit Chat
Meet Me
Rafaqat News
wave chat
private talk
Glow Glow
Let’s Chat
Quick Chat
yoho talk
Essential Horoscope for Android
3D Skin Editor for PE Minecraft Logo Maker Pro
Auto Click Repeater
Count Easy Calorie Calculator
Sound Volume Extender
Numerology: Personal Horoscope & Number Predictions
Step Keeper: Easy Pedometer
Track Your Sleep
Sound Volume Booster
Astrological Navigator: Daily Horoscope & Tarot
Universal Calculator
If there are apps present on your mobile phone, delete them immediately.

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