How to Choose Hosting for Your Blog?

Whenever you think of starting a blog/website on WordPress platform, you must have 2 things. One domain name that represents your blog, the other the web hosting where your website files are stored.

If you do not know what a domain name is and how to choose it? So you should read this blog first:

Today in this post you will know how to choose a better hosting? And what are the important things to keep in mind while booking web hosting.

What is Hosting?

Hosting is a web location where the webfiles and software is stored and stored. Whenever you create a website, the coding and data of that site has to be stored online. When a user opens your websites, the same store data is shown to him, or if you say that any photo you write in a blog is kept in a place. This is called hosting.

hosting server

Why is Hosting Required?

This is an important cue for a blog or site. Suppose you start a clothing store offline business. What could be the requirements?

  • The field in which you want to do business that we have taken here as clothing. (In an online blog, it will be called niche)
  • Shop Name (This will become your domain name)
  • Shop room or store where the shop will run (called hosting)

Now, seeing this example, you must understand that there is a need for hosting. This will be your online store where your product (file and data of the site) will be kept.

Now if anyone is starting a blog on Blogger, then they do not need any hosting. Blogger is a sharing platform which does not charge for hosting your blog. But people who want to start their blog on WordPress have to buy it. Now what to keep in mind while buying it, let me share that with you.

Hosting is of different types and can be expensive. So let’s see how good hosting can be taken within your budget.

According to me, it is very important to keep in mind 5 things while taking blog hosting:

  • Server Speed: It simply means how fast is the hosting server you are using. This is very important to look for when purchasing hosting, no matter how cheap the hosting is. You worked very hard on the blog, designed it beautifully, and wrote a great article, but the speed of your hosting is very low. If your blog page is taking 10 seconds to open, will anyone read your blog? My answer will be no, people do not have that much time, they will immediately go to other blogs. So keep this in mind while taking hosting; at least take hosting that opens in a maximum of 3 to 4 seconds.
  • Storage capacity of the server: Storage capacity means how much data your server can save; it is important to check because the hosting is not changed frequently. Once you get the hosting, then you will definitely use it for at least 2-3 years. The storage capacity of your hosting server should be such that it is not all used up immediately. First think about how many blogs you will write in a year, guessing the storage capacity of the server should be taken accordingly.
  • Server uptime: Saying uptime means how long your server is on. Uptime must be at least 99.94%. If your site blog is closed due to both servers, it can have a negative impact. Your site traffic may be reduced; your readers may leave your blog.
hosting uptime
  • Security: The third point that you have to check while taking your hosting is security. No matter how secure your hosting server is, someone is stealing your data. Nowadays hacking has also spread very much, some people even hack or get the site of their competitor hacked. The more secure your server is, the more secure your blog will be. So whenever you look at the hosting security features. My advice would be to book the same hosting in which you are getting free SSL.
hosting security
  • Support System: New bloggers who are taking hosting for the first time who do not have much knowledge about the hosting server. Whenever you book a hosting service, you must find out about that company’s support system. Because a lot of problems occur while setting up the site, it is not easy to solve them all by yourself if you are new. In such a situation, the technical support team of the hosting company can help you a lot. Therefore, it is very important to know about the support system while taking hosting.

Below, I am talking about some hosting services which you can explore and plan which one suits your budget and requirements:

1. For new bloggers or if your budget is low

You can start with the Easy Wp Starter plan of Namecheap Hosting; you will get $ 3.88 monthly. 50000 monthly traffic is also available with 10 GB SSD storage. You can also take your hosting by clicking on the Book Now button below.

2. Those who want more server speed and security

If you want speed and security, then I would advise you to get the StartUp plan of SiteGround Hosting. You will get this for $ 6.99 monthly. Here you will also get free SSL with cloudflare CDN, plus let me tell you SiteGround is one of the recommended hosting services of WordPress. Go to the Book Now button below and book your hosting today.

3. Who is a pro blogger or has a good budget

For Those who are pro bloggers or who do not have budget constraints, I would suggest you take the TURBO Boost plan of A2hosting. Here, you will find all the features that are needed for good blog hosting. Below, you will find the plan button, which you can click to book your hosting.


You have seen what hosting is and how it helps us to become a pro blogger. Buy hosting by following the given information, some of the links above are our affiliate links, by clicking on them we will get some commission which will boost our morale. If you have any questions then you can ask on our social account.


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