Beginner Link Building Guide

Link Building Is one of the main things to rank your blog quickly in search results. You can say that backlinks work like a vote from others sites to your site. There are many ways to build backlinks for your blog but here are some awesome ways I get to rank my blogs.

On the internet, there are different tools available but in my experience, they just spam your blog and all know that Google hates spammy links and your blog I’ll never rank.

Below methods are trusted and with the help of these Link Building Methods, your blogs will rank easily and your blog Traffic will Increase.

I hope you ‘ll like this post so let’s start.

Firstly I want to tell you that there are two types of the links you ‘ll get.

  1. Nofollow Links.
  2. Dofollow Links.

Nofollow Links:

Nofollow is a type of link which means you ‘ll get the link but no link juice means that site just links you but google or other search engines not consider that link.  Only humans readers can click on it.

Nofollow Link Example:

Here is an example of the nofollow link.

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Google</a>

Dofollow Links:

Dofollow is a type of link from which that particular site who link you ‘ll give you small SEO link juice to your site. Google also can see that link which means he ll count that link in SEO rankings.

Dofollow Link Example:

<a href=””>Google</a>

So I hope you understand the difference between so now we can continue our tutorial. I recommend you to target those blogs which giving do follow links. Because dofollow is more beneficial besides nofollow.



Blog Commenting is a great and one of the easy way in link building to get free and good backlinks to your blog. I love commenting by myself because you don’t need to work hard to get comment backlinks.

You just need to search some high authority blogs in your niche (category) and start reading posts. Let me tell you one thing always try to post a high-quality comment on that blog because in this way readers ll notice your comment and then they ‘ll start to reply your comment.

  1. Be Honest and tell that what you feel after learning that post.
  2. Comment some suggestions.
  3. Tell him that I publish the same article you should read.

These type of comments 90% approved by admins of that blogs. You just need to provide

  1. Your name
  2. Your email
  3. And your link where you need a backlink.
  4. That backlink is under your name in the comment.
  5. Don’t post a link in a comment because then that look like spam.

Mostly you ‘ll get no follow backlinks from comments. There are also some blogs which enable plugin like comment Luv which makes comment link to do follow so I recommend searching that blogs in your niche and start making do follow links to your blog.

I love site to find comment Luv blogs.

  1. Just visit
  2. Type your keyword from your niche.
  3. Select comment Luv blogs and submit your search.

That’s all

Guest Posts:

Guest Posts

Guest Posts is another great way to make awesome dofollow backlinks to your site from well-authorized blogs. Well, there are plenty of blogs who accepting guest posts for their blogs.

You can get good do follow backlinks to your blog from guest posts.

What your need is to find good and reputable blogs who are accepting guests posts. Then you need to look and read their guidelines mostly they want to say that.

  1. Your post should be high quality.
  2. Not copyrighted and plagiarism free.
  3. Good in writing.
  4. Not published in another blog.

Mostly in guests post you ‘ll get backlinks from your post and from author info in below post.

I recommend you grab some time and write quality posts for others blogs to get a good amount of backlinks. Think like that is your blog because they ‘ll give you important links which help you to rank fast.

Don’t try to submit spin content because there are many tools who can scan those posts and you know professionals bloggers know very well how to analyze.

Also from these posts your votes from other blogs ll increase and with the help of these votes your authority and reputation increase.

You can use MyBlogGuest to find guest blogs for use.

Blog Directories:


Blog Directories is also a great way to get the good amount of do follow links. Because you know these directories is linked with many other networks and help you to give a boost to your rankings.

But the main and awesome thing I love about blog directories that they only accept quality blogs. Basically, these directories put your blog in a category where you submitted and their readers ll search particular post on theses directories and your posts ll appear front of them.

The process is simple first you need to read their guidelines then you need to submit your blog after proper review sometimes in 2 or 3 days you ‘ll get an email that your blog is accepted or not.

Here is an example of my blog which is approved by top directory Alltop You can find my blog in blogging category and you know I am getting 20 to 30 visitors from these links.

Profiles Backlinks:

There are many social profile creation sites list out there like facebook, Linkedin, twitter from where you ‘ll get profile backlinks. Profiles are a great way to generate tons of social traffic.

You know my most of traffic come from these social sites because I have a great following in social platforms.

First, you need to setup your profiles then start working on your profile make it active and increase your friends and followers. Like, do like other post share other posts. Post some cool stuff.

Well, when you in progress of setup your account you ‘ll get the option to put your website links. In every platform, you have your own about me page where you ‘ll see your backlink in action. facebook below.

Facebook is no doubt a giant of social media and also it is a great way to to get good backlinks and huge traffic. Below is the example of facebook id about me page where you can see that a backlink in action.

facebook profile about contact info link
Your About me Page

Facebook also give you an option to create a page or group where you can add peoples and share your stuff.

Fb Page
Facebook Page link Example

The process is same for the other platforms and whenever you ‘ll share something then that link I’ll act like a backlink which can generate huge traffic for you. Like I love to post the video because sharing video is a great way to get engagement on pages and your post can get viral and give your huge boost from facebook.

Here is an example from BuzzFeed page.

facebook video links

Analyze your Competitor:

Analyzing competitor or you can spy on them ;P and see from where he is getting backlinks. I love to use Semrush For this task because no doubt one of the easy and simple way to analyze your competitor backlinks methods.

Semrush is a paid tool which can help you analyze your blog and give results that how is your blog in search engines. How many traffic you are gaining from search engines.

Also, Semrush can help you in the keyword search and can help you to find good keywords for your future post.

Sharjeeltahir semrush backlinks report
  1. Very First thing you need to find your top competitors. Select two or three and start analyzing them on their backlinks with semrush.
  2. Semrush ll give you all his backlinks report like from where your competitors getting backlinks.
  3. Download his report and analyze them like domain spam or domain DA OR PA or domain quality.
  4. Select top domains.
  5. Prepare your links.
  6. Now visit any particular link and see how he linked.

That’s it if he getting any comment link then read that post submit your quality comment or if he is getting by guest post then submit your guest by contacting that website owner.

Participate in Roundup Posts:

Roundup Posts

Many bloggers nowadays posting different kind of roundup posts where many bloggers participate and share their knowledge and authors give backlink to their blogs just to appreciate their participation.

You can also adapt this to build some awesome dofollow backlinks.

  1. The first thing you need to find some bloggers who are going to publish roundups.
  2. I love FB groups and facebook because in groups mostly people update members about roundups.
  3. If you don’t find any groups then start search published roundups easy with google with the search term like (SEO Roundup) in seo you can type any particular keyword.
  4. Contact them ask them that I would like to add my two cents into your awesome roundup.

You can use this template for email.

Hey (Name of the owner)

Just wanted to drop by and say that I really enjoyed your post called “Post Title”.

I have a question also – would it be possible to get featured on it as an expert?

I could write a nice tip that would perfectly fit the topic of this post. And I think it might make a nice addition to your article.


If you consider adding me to this post as a Thank You I’ll put a link back to this post (or any other post you want) from my blog and will share it on my social media profiles.

What do you think?
Thanks in advance.
(Your Name)
P.S. Just let me know how I can help 🙂

Submit Your Testimonial:

Well if you are not a notable person or blogger then Testimonials are one of the hard ways in Link Building.Because companies only accept from top notable personalities testimonials to reach more customers.

But sometimes they accept if you apply below method.

If you are using any particular company product and they are receiving testimonials then you should contact them ask them to feature your testimonial.

Testimonials like tell them what you feel and should you recommend that product to others or not.

Note these things to approved by them:

  1. Send testimonial by heart.
  2. Be polite and professional.
  3. Your testimonial looks like a professional write it.

Now you ll ask where is my backlink well they ll post your testimonial with your name and link like see below image as an example for Brian Dean by Neil Patel and John Jantsch.


Feedback Sites:

There are tons of sites available on the internet where you can submit your site and the visitors ll submit feedback. Your site can get a good amount of traffic also you are now the owner of the wonderful backlink of form that feedback site ;).

Below the image, I get as an example for you from a feedback site. How Your link ll look like.

Sharjeeltahir review

Note: Some site wants you to review others site if you want someone to review your blog or site. Like you want feedback for your theme or another part of your site or blog.

Actually, sometimes it’s not recommended because these type of site have much spam but some are very good and can give you a quality link.

Don’t submit your blog to many feedback site because google can detect your blog and can penalize you for this act. So be safe 🙂

Buy Backlinks:

Well, it is not recommended to buy backlinks but this is for them who are very lazy or can’t have enough knowledge in Link building.

There is a site called Links Management Which I found good to buy some links.

I usually buy for my other small niche blogs which I create just for experiments. But yes I also bought some links for this blog from them and found quite good.

Just make sure that you choose to write category and links to buy.

Best of luck

Final Words:

So, guys, that it these is the top Link building methods I love to make backlinks. I also recommend you first post high-quality content on your site and make your blog awesome then focus on backlinks.

Also, try to make backlinks as a minimum you can in one day like I make 5 to 10 a day for my blogs.

I hope you like this guide also if I found any other top way to build some links I ll defiantly update this post.

If you have any other and easy way to build links then do share with us and help others.

Lastly, do share this guide with other if you found this helpful.


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