Link Building for Newbies – Basics of Link Building

Two crucial parameters for ranking websites are links and content. These parameters are strongly interrelated with one another. For example, good content has the ability to attract new links. And, links are responsible for improving the visibility of content. Yet, not all content can attract good links. And, all links in your post will not attract more target audiences. There is so much science and effort behind these two areas of search engine optimization.

Link Worthy Content! 

As you search through the internet, you will come across a variety of content. There are blogs, e-books, advertisements, images, videos and the list goes on. However, you cannot create links on all these platforms.

When you create content, a link strategy has to be established. In this post, you will read about how to create linkable content. How to build an authentic connection with your target audiences

What Makes Content Linkable? 

First things first, you need to understand if your content is link-worthy. Ideally, online viewers consider a piece of content as useful if it carries value, is interesting or loaded with entertaining elements.

Basics of link building

Secondly, your content becomes link-worthy when it has authority. If it is created by a reputed brand, search engines “tag” it as useful.

Thirdly, some content formats are much more worthy than the rest.

Link worthy content

#Original and Well Researched Data

Search engines like Google value original data. This is one of the most reliable ways of securing links. Original data on the internet (or anywhere) represents information that cannot be fetched elsewhere.

Basics of link building

Of course, data should not be extracted only for links. It should serve a bigger purpose. Generally, research projects are important for businesses. They are never limited to content generation. In fact, businesses invest thousands of dollars in smart, unique ideas.

When you post original researched content, think from multiple angles. Mainly because you have little control over the actual results.

#Quotes and Opinions from Experts

This is another interesting way of securing links. Perspectives from experts will trigger people who are ardent followers of the subject. Many times, businesses use this method to broaden their target audiences. This also helps in building authoritative content.

When you choose to include data from influencers, be picky! Spend some time and interact with the influencer. Ensure that they are happy and satisfied in sharing content with you. Try to connect with them through stories. Never send “cold” emails.


Next in line would be active collaboration with other businesses.

Basics of link building

When you plan content for your website, interact with other leaders in your industry. Try to identify a partner, who would be interested in sharing content space. Together, you need to find common pain points. Just like an expert, influencer content – collaboration aids in broadening your target audiences.

#Unique Videos and Images 

Finally, you need to introduce unique images and videos on your site. Content should never be restricted to text. Pick multimedia that is both visually appealing and humorous. These elements will convert your boring text into something impressive and link-worthy.

Videos and images help in attracting audiences who don’t prefer lengthy blogs.


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