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SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a process by which website traffic is increased by providing different websites or web pages to users of web search engines. It carries different sorts of searches such as academic search, video search, image search and news search.

Following are the basic SEO tips that should be followed by beginners for fruitful results:

1. Writing Longer Posts

Longer content is a source of providing more information about related research. It contains more and more keywords so that your longer post appears to be the very first priority in the user search. High-quality content should be more than 2000 words as it contains a lot of information about the related search. The quality of the post is always important. Your post must be unique and interesting to attract user attention.

SEO Basics Tips For Beginners

Longer and more interesting content engages user attention. It is a source for the user to stay at your post for a longer time. For top ranking, a longer dwell time of your post is very beneficial because it is a signal for Google that people enjoy your post and like to stay on it for a longer time.

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2. A Unique Content

One of the most important SEO Tips for beginners is that your post should be unique and fresh. Unique and fresh content is more likeable and more appreciated by users. People like to visit and stay on this type of post for a longer time and it is a sign of your activeness before Google.

As it is not possible to create a longer and unique content every time, to resolve this problem you can rewrite your pre-exiting post by adding new and emerging information about the topic. This is the source of updating the searchers about new aspects.

3. Use of Keywords

The use of the right keywords relevant to your post is very important. The use of perfect keywords would allow the search engine to lead your post correctly. Irrelevant and inappropriate keywords would be confusing for search engines. It would not be able to focus on writing the aim of your post.

For example, if you have to write basic SEO Tips, then your content must be unique, fresh, lengthy, and enjoyable for the users. You have to use appropriate keywords in it.

4. Use of Long and Attractive Title

The best title is a source that indicates your page. It carries weightage for SEO ranking. Firstly, a user always pays heed to the title used for your post. It defines all the information which your post offers about a specific topic. So the title used for your post must be long and authentic, referring to engaging more and more users towards your post.

The basic tips to optimize the title for your post are described below

  • The title created must be unique for every post
  • The length of your title should be included and must have more than 60 characters in it
  • The title must contain the right keywords
SEO Basics Tips For Beginners

5. Use of Headings and Sub-Headings

Several headings and sub-headings must be made in the post. These should perfectly describe all the main points of your post. The headings and sub-headings must also include the main keywords for better results.

The headings must be easier to understand must be attractive and adequate. Google search engine mainly focuses on the use of headings and sub-headings to facilitate the users.

6. By Optimizing Your URLs

Most simple URLs are very important for your SEO. Google prefers a simple, readable URL. To make your URL readable, easy, and presentable, you should use meaningful text in your URLs instead of numbers to describe your post exactly. Moreover, your URL must be logical and user-friendly.

You can also make use of keywords in your URLs. But make sure that the URL must be short to avoid stuffing.

7. By Placing Backlinks

The most important SEO tip is the use of backlinks. A backlink tends to link two websites together by mentioning the link to a specific website. Backlinks are the major factors of increasing the ranking of your website. Make sure that these backlinks should be related to your post topic and should come from a high-quality website. It is important to get links from authorized sites that have a low spam rate. This will increase the authority of your website, and you will get more traffic and high rank in search engines.

8. By Optimizing Your Images

Images completely describe your post. So, the basic SEO tip is that, for the correct optimization, related images to the post must be used in your content. Pictures are included in the list of visual materials. So the visual material is more appealing, and it makes your post more attractive, and users seem to engage in your post more.

The search engine finds some trouble in understanding images. So you should index your images by using alt text. It is simply used within HTML code and explains your images. Make sure that every HTML code of your image should have an accurate and detailed description in their alt text.

9. Social Media Accounts

Social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn account, etc. are the most basic sources to promote your post. Social media exposes traffic to your post, which indirectly upgrades your ranking on Google.

By using your social media accounts correctly, you can distribute your posts among the users of social media. Moreover, you should also describe the positive aspects of your website to engage more and more people with your post.

10. Site Speed

For ranking websites, site speed is the most important factor. The page that loads earlier is commonly preferred by the Google search engine. The posts that took more than 4 seconds to load are not preferred and revisited by users. Google provides tools that give great recommendations to speed up your post.

We hope these basic SEO tips will be very helpful for you if you are going to start your blog.


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