Astra WordPress Theme Review: Why Astra Got 5-Star Rating?

The Astra Theme

Astra is perhaps the most well known free WordPress themes in presence. Indeed, if you go to the theme registry, Astra is the most elevated positioning outsider theme – the solitary themes before it are the default WordPress themes:

Astra is a multipurpose WordPress theme, which implies that you use it for practically any kind of WordPress site. You can utilize it for an innovation blog or a style store, or a guitar class… it can do anything you need it to. As I would like to think, four factors clarify Astra’s prosperity:

  • Starter locales – Astra accompanies many importable demo destinations that assist you with the beginning. This is essential for what makes Astra so adaptable.
  • Performance – Astra is one of the quickest WordPress themes out there. Having a temporary stacking WordPress site is fundamental, so this by itself is now a tremendous advantage.
  • Customization choices – Astra allows you to modify everything about your site utilizing the constant WordPress Customizer. This considers simple, sans code customization.
  • Integrations – Astra is worked to combine well with WordPress page manufacturers. It additionally incorporates definite reconciliations with famous modules like WooCommerce, Learndash, and Elementor.

Astra Theme Pricing

The Astra theme is accessible for nothing at If you need more highlights, you can buy Astra Pro, an authority module that expands the free music with new instruments, style alternatives, and designs. Astra Pro expenses $59, which allows you to utilize it on unlimited sites. Later in this Astra theme review, I’ll show you the new highlights you get with Pro and help you choose Astra free versus Pro.

Four Reasons to Why Astra WordPress Theme got 5-Star Rating+?

In this segment, I will develop the four highlights that I think make Astra so famous. At that point, I’ll take you through how the Astra theme functions in the following area.

It makes the performance of the website very smooth.

As your site’s establishment, your theme assumes an enormous part of how rapidly your WordPress site loads. Thus, one of the primary things you should take a gander at with any music is its exhibition streamlining. Furthermore, Astra is one of the quickest WordPress themes that you’ll discover concerning execution improvement. Astra is under 50 KB, follows coding and execution best practices, and uses no jQuery. For reference, generally, “standard” WordPress themes are somewhere close to 250-350 KB.

Astra WordPress Theme Review

To evaluate Astra’s exhibition, I set up a test site and ran execution tests for two situations:

  • The out-of-the-case theme after first introducing it on a new WordPress site.
  • One of Astra’s free importable demo locales.

For each test situation, I ran six separate tests with WebPageTest and took the middle page load time. With its out-of-the-case settings, Astra stacked in 0.769 seconds and came in 52 KB.

These page load times are noteworthy. Nonetheless, it is anything but a too sensible test situation because Astra’s underlying settings are essential. On a simple site, you would have significantly more substance. To all the more likely survey Astra’s exhibition in a “genuine world” situation, I imported the Travel Blog demo webpage worked with the local WordPress block editorial manager. With the full demo site, my test site stacked in 1.377 seconds with a page size of 1.720 MB and 50 HTTP demands.

With everything taken into account, Astra is one of the quickest WordPress themes out there. I have tried a few articles that are somewhat quicker than Astra. Nonetheless, when you consolidate Astra’s adaptability with its presentation, I think you’ll battle to discover another theme that offers a superior blend.

Starter Sites

A great many people don’t have the opportunity or information to plan their sites without any preparation. To assist you with dispatching a great looking site, Astra incorporates many pre-constructed demo locales that you can import with only a couple of clicks. Astra’s starter layouts’ remarkable thing is that they’re fabricated utilizing either a page manufacturer or the local WordPress block proofreader. This implies that you can, without much of a stretch, redo the entirety of the demo content using a visual, simplified manager – no code required. The more significant part of Astra’s starter locales utilizes the Elementor page developer. Notwithstanding, there’s additionally a proper determination of starter destinations fueled by:

  • The local WordPress block proofreader
  • Beaver Builder
  • Brizy
Astra WordPress Theme Review

Altogether, the Astra theme gives you admittance to 280+ importable demo destinations. You can discover demo destinations for a wide range of specialties and use cases—for instance, travel blog, Gym, or Digital office. If you need to perceive your choices, you can investigate the entirety of the demo destinations here.

Customization Options

Astra is a multipurpose WordPress theme, which implies that you can utilize it for everything from a blog to an eCommerce store to an online course and then some. Furthermore, you can adjust it to different specialties – Astra can work similarly to a design and lifestyle blog for an innovation blog.

So how might Astra be so adaptable?

You previously educated one piece of the riddle – the many importable starter destinations. However, the other thing that makes Astra so adaptable is its itemized alternatives in the local WordPress theme customizer. In the Customizer, you’ll get a massive load of choices for controlling your site’s:

  • Colors
  • Typography
  • Header
  • Blog posts (and blog list)
  • Footer
  • Sidebar
  • Content width

Since these settings are accessible in the continuous WordPress Customizer, you’ll have the option to perceive what every decision that you make means for your site utilizing a live preview:

Page Builder Integration

Astra is worked to match well with WordPress page manufacturer modules, which gives you a choice to plan your substance utilizing simplified. At whatever point you make another post or page, Astra gives you itemized alternatives that let you control the material for your page developer. To start with, you can pick between different formats. For instance, you can debilitate your sidebar and utilize a full-width material so you can assume control over everything with your number one page manufacturer.

Astra WordPress Theme Review

Second, you can cripple specific pieces of your post, similar to the post title or your site’s header. All things considered, if you need to utilize a page developer module, for example, Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy, and so forth, at that point, Astra’s page-level controls assist you with taking full advantage of your picked module.


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