All About the Landing Page – Beginner’s Guide to Landing Pages

The way search engine optimization has evolved is simply amazing! If you are an active member in the marketing industry, you are bound to come across a common phrase: “landing page”. Yup, you read it right. The landing page plays a crucial role in SEO. Businesses spend days (if not weeks) designing the landing page.

Though the landing page is important, it also shares a mix of opinions. Many people are concerned about what makes a landing page good. And, some are keen on the myths. Regardless of these talks, you need to understand that landing pages are essential for any business website!

What is a Landing Page? 

According to Google’s AdWords, the landing page is the web “page” that appears when a user clicks on an advertisement. The landing page needs to blend with the advertisement. Anything conveyed in the ad should match the landing page. To be more precise, even the words used in your advertisement should be similar to the content on the landing page. This is how important and “picky” the process of designing a suitable landing page is.

Beginner's Guide to Landing Pages

Let’s understand this with an example.

Your business focuses on selling chocolate cakes. And, you have given an offer for every chocolate cake bought. When a customer chooses to click on the advertisements, they will expect a landing page that carries details about the offers. If you deviate from this workflow, and present any other piece of information – it would confuse the customer.

To be successful in targeting audiences, you need to plan the landing page with care. Many times, it will be challenging to link dynamic advertisements with your website’s landing page. If you choose to establish this connection, ensure that your marketing team is prepared to update content (frequently).

Building and Testing the Landing Page

When compared with other pages on your website, the landing page needs vigorous testing. You must ensure that every element on the landing page works well. This is crucial because the landing page controls conversion rates.

Beginner's Guide to Landing Pages

The primary goal of the landing page is to offer content that matches the expectations of searchers. When a visitor reaches this page, they must be persuaded to complete the transaction.

Why is it Challenging? 

Beginner's Guide to Landing Pages

There is a clear gap between business websites and customers. When online searches are performed by customers – search engines like Google are responsible for connecting them with businesses. If your landing page is not designed properly, Google will not be able to link you to a customer. This means you are going to lose a good amount of business.

For any search engine to rank your website, it should have a commendable landing page. The page should be simple, informative and relevant.

Quality Matters 

Finally, you should acknowledge that landing pages should be of high quality. Google considers three parameters to rank websites: keywords, content quality and landing pages. This means, your landing page should be of top-notch quality to secure a good score.


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