Affiliate Marketing VS Adsense Which One Is Best?

Affiliate Marketing VS Adsense Which Is best To Earn Money Online?

Every blogger wants to make money online and yes every blogger wants to make handsome money so they can manage their expense of blogs and other things.

There are two best and awesome ways to make money online one is affiliate marketing and other is Adsense. There are a ton of ways but these two are most popular and common.

In this post, i am going to tell you which is best and you can choose to earn handsome money from your blogs and websites.

What is Affiliate Marketing? And why Affiliate Marketing is good or bad for you:

Affiliate Marketing

Promoting a product with your referral link and when someone buys it with your link then you ll earn some commission by referring that client to the company is called Affiliate Marketing.

To the point affiliate marketing is called sending clients to company product for some commissions.

The example I joined affiliate program of awesome SEO Tool Semrush when you ll click on this link you ll refer to my link to semrush and when you ll buy it then I ll get some commission from semrush.

Affiliate marketing is very popular and many popular bloggers making handsome money from affiliate marketing.

You just need to sign up for particular product related to your business or related to your blog and start promoting them with your referral link.

Its one of the easy way but some time company can reject you because many companies personally check your blog and if they found that your blog does not qualify for there need they can reject your application.

To earn or to get the success you have to apply some strategies to promote products so your readers cannot disturb.

Best way to make handsome money from affiliate marketing is to start reviewing products and writing review posts about them and shoutout them with your links.

Also you can use email marketing to make some sales example you have large number of subscribers in your blog then you can send coupons and discounts and make many sales 😉

Provide every info about a product so client or reader take interset to buy with your link so for this also mention that why they buy from your link and what benefits they ll get from your link.

When you sign up with the company they provide the good discount to your clients so mention how much discount they ll get.

You can make thousands of dollars with affiliate marketing with some sales if you target needed audience who looking for right products.

Note It: You have to choose the right product to promote so your readers take interest to buy and your readers looking for that product.

Pros Of Affiliate Marketing:

  1. Easy to approve and easy to join.
  2. Good commission with just one sale.
  3. Maintain your user experience.
  4. Good for low traffic blogs who are not getting good traffic only getting target traffic.
  5. Banners of affiliate companies look more beautiful 🙂

Con’s Of Affiliate Marketing:

  1. Sometimes companies look your blog personally for their needs so they can reject your application.
  2. You have to choose right products for your blog carefully.
  3. Time-consuming you have to build patience to get success from affiliate marketing.
  4. You need to write quality content for your blog so readers love it.

What is Adsense? And why Adsense is good or bad for you:

Google Adsesne

Adsense is one of the most popular and easy ways among bloggers to make money from blogs. Adsense is one of the big Ad networks on internet owned by internet king Google. 

90% revenue of Google come from Google Adsense.

When your blog starts getting some traffic from search engines and from other blogs then you can apply for google adsesne.

Google ll review your application and approve or reject based on there google Adsense policies. Your blog should follow all policies made by Adsense to qualify.

If your application approves or if your application rejects then google ll email you about it.

If your application rejects they ll mention that why your blog is rejected and how you can fix it to reapply.

After approval google ll tell you that now you can sign in and Adsense units to your blog and google ll start showing ads on your blog example You can see live ads on my blog in header and sidebar.

The best place to show Adsense ads in my view is header right side, Top Sidebar,  And below the post title.

Google ll analyze your blog and show ads related your keywords and blog niche.

To make most out of you have to choose a good niche which has good (CPC (Cost Per Click)) because if your keywords have high CPC you ll get high-quality ads and if low then you ll get low CPC ads.

You have to search Profitable Keywords With Low Competition so you can rank and you ll start getting some traffic so google ll show ads based on your keywords.

When someone clicks on it then google ll record that clicks and pays you.

Pros Of Adsense:

  1. Easy to earn with the automatic process just add Adsense units to your blog example sidebar, header or in posts.
  2. You just need to work on your keywords and traffic other handles by Adsense itself.
  3. Adsense offer to transfer money from western union good for those who don’t have PayPal or other.
  4. Fully automatic process just show ads and start making money.

Con’s Of Adsense:

  1. Hard to approve because google review blogs carefully and approve or reject.
  2. Low money because all depends on your blog content quality and CPC.
  3. You have no control on ads.
  4. Adsense ads not good for user experience.
  5. Adsense ads can make your site slow. Scan your site through Gtmetrix or Pingdom you ll notice the difference before and after implating ads.

Final Words:

So this is the info I know about Adsense or affiliate marketing. So the question comes what ll I choose for my blog Affiliate Marketing VS Adsense.

If you are a new and beginning blogger then you can try your hands on Adsense if your blog ll approve. Just improve your keywords and traffic you ll start making money with Adsense.

If you know some strategies and know how to write quality product reviews then go with affiliate marketing because all you need is write the high-quality product review and high-quality content so you can make most with affiliate marketing.

I hope you like this post Affiliate Marketing VS Adsense and get some ideas about how to choose right things for your blog to earn some good bucks.

Lastly please share this post with your friends and fellow bloggers 🙂


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