About Rohit Mehta

Something About me and Blogging:

Thanks for landing on my about me page and I am feeling proud that you want to know something about me Well My Full Name is Rohit Mehta from India.

I was born on 8 Feb 1991 in Patna, Bihar, India.

I was addicted to the internet since I bought my first Personal Computer.

My blogging journey starts Back in 2014, I am in front of my laptop searching about how to earn all internet users want to earn something while sitting home. I landed on many so-called sites like click to earn or refer programs.

But I want to adopt where I earn and I enjoy it.

While searching and reading many articles I learned something called blogging. A blog where you can write and spread your knowledge to the world.

After this, I learn how to make a blog. In that time I can’t afford WordPress so I start with a free platform called Blogger.

I landed on many sites and with the help of them, I launched my first blog it was a news niche blog because I just select randomly so I just start.

Don’t make this mistake choose in which you are an expert and in which you know and interested.

Target Of This Blog:

The target of this blog is to cover all blogging tips, guides, tutorials, and I will try my best to make those guides easy as much possible to learn fast.

Well, thank you so much for reading about me since I am not one of the typo writers but surely I ‘ll update this with more information.

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~~~Thank You So Much~~~