10 Smart Ways to Speed up Website – Improve Gtmetrix Results

Technology is turning around things at a swift pace. The success of any website is entirely dependent on page speed. People like to get quick results, so if you have a blog or operating some eCommerce business, you must check the loading speed of your site.

For attracting customers, your website should be efficient enough to respond within three seconds. If a website is not super, fast people will lose their interest and jump to another website.

To speed up the loading time of your website, you must upgrade the programming techniques and make a few changes in content creation methods. It is mandatory to make efforts to enhance the user experience for the site along with search engine optimization.

You may access the webpage optimization, several tools are influential now, and you may find gtmetrix quite impactful.

Here are a few tricks which helpful for increasing the viewership of your site.

Step#1 Reduce Plugins

Don’t rush your website with a load of plugins, as it can reduce the loading speed. Everything that makes your site attractive is not always good to install.

10 Smart Ways to Speed up Website

Plugins can also be used for other features in websites; for example, Twitter is not a plugin, but the code can be copy-pasted into the page of your website. It will increase the loading time through the pulling of information from a server other than your site.

Step#2 Using a Content Delivery Network

A content delivery network enables your files to open instantly while having storage near the servers. It can get quick access to the target audience by reducing the loading time for customers.

10 Smart Ways to Speed up Website

There are many popular networks to help you by providing hosting platforms. Some images, javascript, and CSS are stored in these networks if CDN is in Miami Florida visitors will have faster connections to the content.

Step#3 Reduce Image Size

Almost 60% of the weight of the website is due to images. You must have to check that images are sized adequately on your website. The new formats of WebP and JPeg, XR, can reduce the image weight to 50% without damaging the quality.

10 Smart Ways to Speed up Website

Use an image editor to reduce the actual size of the image. There are a few other techniques available to combine the CSS stripes to reduce them into round bands. It works when you reduce the number of HTTP requests that are required to download the webpage. It is functional through the procedures of CSS background images and position properties.

Step#4 Web Cache

10 Smart Ways to Speed up Website

The web cache is a temporary storage system that reduces the bandwidth of web pages. It boosts the performance of the website by saving the visitors time as it can align all things to work together speedily.

You have to make sure about the presence of this function on your website. A visitor will get access to the latest cached version of your site, so frequent serving is mandatory.

Step#5 Mobile-First Quality

The paradigm of making sites responsive is now working with a new strategy that is to code for mobile users first then move to desktops and tablets.

10 Smart Ways to Speed up Website

Take a mobile-friendly test to measure the speed of your site. This test will estimate your website score by using the criteria of plugins, configuration, and proximity of clickable elements. Make flow strategy SEO optimized and readable on all devices; besides that, UI and UX need to be fully optimized.

 step#6 Clean Frameworks

10 Smart Ways to Speed up Website

Online coding has changed completely; make sure you are not using outdated HTML practices on your website. Themes of WordPress and Joomla can also cause the slow speed of the site. Using the same theme for an extended period will cause these dysfunctionalities on your webpage.

To make your website faster, you need to follow current coding practices if you are interested in generating the score about the speed of the webpage, check the gtmetrix tool as it is free and easy to use.

Step#7 Optimize the Homepage

10 Smart Ways to Speed up Website

Showing a bulk of posts on the homepage will affect its speed. Only displaying a few relevant posts at the front, reducing image size, and removing flash video content are the most common practice to keep the page optimized.

Several latest tools are available to determine the speed of the webpage like you may try gtmetrix. It can tell you the current rate of your webpage within a few minutes.

Many programmers are following the strategy of reducing the scrolling on the home page. The best way is to keep the site basic, and it will help to attract more visitors.

Step#8 Use Asynchronous for CSS and JavaScript

CSS and JavaScript can be loaded synchronously or asynchronously, and the first one causes the scripts to load one at a time. Later one will manage to load the files simultaneously which can speed up the pages as the browser moves from top to bottom.

10 Smart Ways to Speed up Website

If the CSS and JavaScript are not asynchronous, it will take longer to upload. The same file in asynchronous will continue loading all of the elements at the same time.

Step#9 Hosting Plan

10 Smart Ways to Speed up Website

Your website performance is strongly associated with hosting services. It will help if you consider a dedicated hosting plan. On the other hand, the shared hosting plan can reduce the speed of a website. Only a dedicated plan can make it possible to access the sole server to get a faster working webpage.

Step#10 Cloud-Based Monitoring

10 Smart Ways to Speed up Website

The latest cloud-based monitoring can provide you with 24-hour monitoring services. For instance, with Monities, you will get notified abruptly about the poor hosting service of your site. You will get notifications and messages through the mobile network and email. It is the time to perform the load test to evaluate, at which point it is creating speed issues.

Bottom Line

The main target of the website is to gain maximum traffic and ultimately make money. The trendy styles and catchy images will look so good apparently but can`t help you to stand among the competitors. If you want to find the root cause of the slow speed of your site, gtmetrix can help you improve the speed of your website.

If your visitors have to wait for more than 10 seconds, they would not like to give it a second try, so think through carefully while considering all the above-discussed points.


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