10 Best Free SEO Tools (Tried & Tested) – Must be Used

Search engine optimization is crucial if you want to take your e-commerce or any other online business to the next level, and SEO tools play an important role in this regard. SEO tools can speed up your work to some extent.

You must be looking for the best free SEO tools which can help you achieve your goals. We have found 10 small SEO tools to make your search engine optimization task easier.

1. Google Page Speed Insights

The page loading speed of a website is the most important factor in getting high traffic on your website. If your website has great content, the user will stay on your website for more time; this is how user satisfaction will give your website a higher ranking.

You can use the Google PageSpeed Insights tool to check the speed of your website on mobile and desktop. Moreover, it will provide you with guidelines to improve your website’s page loading speed.

According to Google updates in 2018, page speed has become a major factor of SEO for mobile users. That’s why improving your website speed can save you from Google penalties.

How to use it?

Copy the URL of your blog or website and paste it into this SEO small tool (Google PageSpeed Insights), and click on the analyze button. This tool will start analyzing user experience on your website and its speed and provide you results of the mobile and desktop users in the form of scores.

2. Mobile-Friendly Test

Mobile users are increasing every day; this is the reason you have to optimize your website for mobile devices. This tool allows you to check quickly whether your website is optimized for mobile devices or not. Another important feature is that it suggests you use optimal font sizes for the satisfaction of mobile users. It guides you in avoiding those factors that increase the bounce rate.

How to use it?
Type the URL of your website in the Mobile-friendly test and click on the run test. It will take a few seconds to generate a report of the mobile-friendly test.

3. Ahrefs Backlink Checker

This is one of the best small SEO tools, which allows you to check the 100 best pointing links to your site. It will take a few seconds to provide you with accurate links. It will also show you anchor text.

How to use it?
You can type the URL of the desired website to check the report, including the domain rating score.

4. SEMrush

If you want to increase traffic on your website, try this tool. It will conduct a detailed SEO audit and provide you with backlinks to your website and the percentage of searches. You can also find keywords using this tool.

How to use it?
A login is required to use these amazing small SEO tools. Enter the URL of your website and click on analyze. It will generate a report with keywords that work for you, the amount of traffic, and competitors of your website. It will also give you an overview of links and anchor text.

5. Keyword Tool

Finding the right keyword for your website is one of the great factors of content optimization; however, it is a time-consuming task. The keyword tool provides a list of relevant keywords in a single click.

How to use it?
Open this tool and type your main keyword, select your country by scrolling down the list and then enter your search engine platform. It will provide you with a list of keywords relevant to your main keyword.

6. Moz Link Explorer

This is another free link analysis tool that provides a detailed overview of your website’s backlinks. It will allow you to search for links to your competitors. Moz Link Explorer will let you find and fix broken links and check the spam score. You will be able to check the best-performing content on your web page.

How to use it?
Enter the URL of your website in the search box to get a detailed report, such as link domains, anchor text, and domain.

7. XML Sitemaps Generator

A sitemap is recommended by Google, where you provide information about your content on the website. This file lets Google know which file is important. XML Sitemap Generator allows you to generate this file in HTML and XML format. You do not need any registration to get the sitemap of your website, and you will find this file via mail. You can easily improve the crawl ability of your website.

How to use it?
Enter the URL of your website, and you will get this sitemap in a few seconds.

8. SEOquake

This is the most popular small SEO tool, and it is completely free. It will display external links, shares, domain age, and indexed pages. It allows you to check real-time stats. The on-page SEO audit will provide some tips to minimize errors.

How to use it?
The first step is to install an SEOquake extension to your desired browser, such as Opera, Safari, Mozilla, or Chrome. A toolbar will be displayed in your browser, where you can do an SEO audit of your website.

9. SERPs Rank Checker

Checking the performance of each website against different keywords is essential, and this is the best free tool that guides keywords and their ranking.

How to use it?
You can enter your domain name and the keyword which you want to track. It will take a few seconds and then start checking the ranking of that domain against that specific keyword.

10. Copyscape

This is one of the most common small SEO tools that are used by bloggers to check plagiarism. It matches content word by word and provides you with the links where the content has been copied. You just have to enter the URL of your web page to check how much per cent of the content is unique.

We have discussed the best free SEO tools which can help you get a higher ranking search engine. Try all of them; they are not only 100% free but also provide accurate results.


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